Spring garden planting guide

Spring garden planting guide

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Spring garden planting guide

In March, planting guides are still plentiful. Spring plants are bursting out of pots, some ready to plant while others need to be re-pot. We've rounded up all the plants you'll need to succeed in spring garden planting.

Compact annuals

Most annuals are compact plants. These compact plants usually have shorter heights but require less space to thrive. To keep this in mind, think about how you are going to space your garden beds, and how big you want each bed to be. When trying to choose a plant for this space, you’ll want to focus on a plant that will grow very compactly.

Mild or heat tolerant

Some annuals can thrive in temperatures in the high 20’s F, as well as temperatures that are extreme. Knowing that you will want your plant to thrive in these temperatures can help you find a plant for your garden that is perfect for your region. These heat and cold tolerant plants will grow regardless of the climate.

Succeed in Spring Garden Planting

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Candy Cane

The candy cane is a perennial and grows to about 40-45 inches tall, making it ideal for our low maintenance garden style. Since they are perennials, they are best for planting in the fall. After planting, wait at least 4-5 weeks before removing the plants, as their leaves will shed at the end of the year. You should start to see signs of flowering around Memorial Day.

Suitability: Perennial

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Bird of Paradise

This plant is fantastic for spring planting, as they are easy to grow and provide a nice show of color. They flower in spring and bloom from February to April. After flowering, they die back, so you must plant in the fall. To make your plants last longer, remove the spent flowers, which will fall to the ground.

Suitability: Annual

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Sorghum is an annual and is great for spring garden planting. Since they are annuals, you must remove the spent flowers, so you can enjoy them when they are flowering. They are also good for growing up walls and fences, as they are trained in this way.

Suitability: Annual

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Shrimp plant

If you need to start planting in the fall, the shrimp plant is great. This is a perennial plant, and it only needs to be replanted in the fall. As a result, you can plant this in the fall and enjoy some of its annual beauty. This plant is good for starting your garden off with the good looks of spring.

Suitability: Annual

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If you are looking for a great colorful addition to your garden, try a sunflower. You can grow them for a long time, as long as you keep them from the heat and cold. This plant requires a warm growing environment, as they require about 75 degrees to thrive. They do very well in full sun, but they do very well in shade as well.

Suitability: Annual

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Tuberose is a perennial plant that provides a beautiful show of color for the garden in spring. They like to have a deep soil to grow in, as they require a significant amount of nutrients to thrive. These flowers have a blooming period of about 6 weeks. Make sure that you purchase tuberose that has been certified organic, as not all tuberose are safe for use in the garden.

Suitability: Perennial

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A flamboyant perennial plant, the flamboyant is best planted in the fall. If you plant in the spring, you risk damaging your plants as they won’t have gotten all their leaves off by then. This plant will flower from July until October, so it’s best to plant them in the fall.

Suitability: Annual

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The geranium is great to plant in the spring for a beautiful display of color. It is a perennial, and you must plant them in the fall. If you are looking for a compact plant, look no further than the geranium. It usually doesn’t grow more than 18 inches tall, and it will spread easily in the garden.

Suitability: Perennial

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Bermuda Grass

This plant can tolerate almost all types of growing conditions, as it does not have to be watered for a long period of time. It doesn’t require much to thrive, as it can grow in full shade. This plant is good for spring garden planting and will bloom from March to May. Make sure that you choose a drought tolerant variety.

Suitability: Annual

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The lupine is a great addition to your garden in spring, as they flower in mid to late spring. This plant is good for starting your garden off with some spring beauty, as it is good for the shade and full sun. If you are looking for something that is easy to grow, this plant should be in your garden.

Suitability: Annual

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This plant is hardy and requires a long growing season, so it is good for spring garden planting. You may even be able to buy tulips during the winter, so don’t let this keep you from spring gardening. Tulips will begin to grow in late fall, and you must wait until the soil is warm enough to plant them in. If you have a cooler climate, you may have to wait until the first day of spring to plant them.

Suitability: Annual

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Ice Plant

This plant is great for early spring planting. These plants do very well in the spring, as they prefer cool growing conditions. They do well in shade, but they do best in sun.

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