The greenery indoor plants

The greenery indoor plants

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For nearly 50 years, The Greenery has operated a highly popular garden center, greenhouse and garden themed gift shop. We offer a large selection of plants, trees and shrubs exclusively provided by local farms throughout the southeast. We also have a wide selection of indoor houseplants, tropical plants, vegetable seeds, ornamental and culinary herbs, and a huge variety of seasonal perennials and annuals. We are also known for our extensive collection of planters and pots, garden statuary, birdbaths, benches, and much more. At The Greenery, we are always looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options for growing healthy and lush gardens.

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Year-Round Greenery with Houseplants

Get it. We've activated for you. Now enjoy your access to premium articles and insights with ad-free experience. Plants placed in living rooms, bed rooms and bathrooms can remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and more. Apart from air purifying qualities, plants placed indoors also provide a refreshing, vibrant feeling that can enhance the overall mood of residents. And while fresh air is nice and being surrounded by plants makes many of us happy, their air-purifying abilities can actually make you feel better physically too.

Almost all plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen but some are also capable of doing more. If you live in a city with increased pollution levels, indoor plants can help you make the air inside the house much more breathable. To help you figure out the kind of indoor plants that are best suited for your home, check out our recommendations of air purifying indoor plants:.

Bamboo palms have lush dark green foliage and they can adapt to a variety of indoor environments. The plant comes in a plant pot which has self-watering abilities. Bring a tropical feel to your home with this air purifying plant that looks lush and vibrant. Spider plants are also known as airplane plants, ribbon plants, and spider ivy. This plant has long, slender lime green leaves and they make for a low-maintenance air-purifying plant.

This air purifying indoor plant just needs to be watered moderately with a bit of spritzing. It prefers indirect light and can even tolerate low light conditions. With large, dark green, oval-shaped leaves, rubber trees are considered low maintenance plants. The rubber plant can thrive in indirect, bright light and can tolerate a lower light area.

This vibrant and whimsical plant loves humid conditions and would be a great addition to a bathroom. The plant grows in the form of arched branches that will look lovely when hung vertically. This plant is especially good at removing formaldehyde - a toxin generated by smoking, certain cosmetics and household adhesives. Satin Pothos is easy to grow as it can survive in warm conditions. You'll see the best leaf color and variegation by keeping this pothos plant in bright, indirect light. Hi, You Have.

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Green plants indoors are known to purify air by absorbing toxins from the air and also help with general wellness. Indoor plants not only increase oxygen, but they also purify the air to an extent. To help you figure out the kind of indoor plants that are best suited for your home, check out our recommendations of air purifying indoor plants: Congratulations!

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Potted Plants 101: 3 Easy Ways To Get More Greenery Into Your Life

But what do they really do? And how can that make your home life a healthier, happier place? Research has shown that having plants in your home reduces stress. Being able to see the greenery of plants around you has a calming effect, lowering blood pressure and consequently making you feel more relaxed and ultimately, happier. Plants do this as their foliage increases the humidity and removes airborne dust particles.

Bespoke Greenery is an online indoor plant and botanical styling with deliveries across Australia. We have Indoor plants.

Why Plants Make You Happy

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A guide to choosing the best Indoor Plants, by room

Get directions. Greener House specialises in quality indoor plants that work perfectly your home, especially low light indoor plants. We also have an extensive range of easy plants that can work in balcony and courtyard gardens as well. All our staff are experienced indoor plant gardeners and are able to advise you on what plants will work best for your house. Browse our range of plants and pots at our brick-and-mortar store located in Brunswick, Melbourne , or check out our different collections on our online store.

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Seven benefits of having plants in your office

You know, the ones that look fabulous, even when you forget to water them for a few days or weeks… amidst your busy schedule? From fiddle leaf figs to kentia palms, these are the best plants and trees to grow indoors…. Fiddle leaf figs are not only super on-trend right now yes, plant trends totally exist , but they are also perfect for growing indoors. Not only are snake plants super easy to care for, but their long vertical leaves reaching toward the sky perfectly complement modern and minimalistic interiors. Did we mention they actually benefit from irregular watering and easily survive in low-light areas?

The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery

If you ask us, a plant-filled home is a happy home. Take a peek and pick up a few stylish design tips below. No need to stick to pots and vases for your indoor plants. Garland greenery is perfect here. Decide whether you want to go with real florals, dried varieties, or faux ones.

Learn about indoor plants and their effect on mental health. Houseplants are an easy way to bring the outdoors and greenery into your.

These are the 15 easiest indoor houseplants (that won't die on you)

HMG gives you thoughtful care for each plant based on generals of the plant and our own experience. Design includes a complimentary in-house consultation prior to the start of any services. We make it our business to help you create the space you envision.

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Experts have long raved about the benefits of nature to humankind and in recent years, just how much indoor plants can improve your mental and physical health. In a NASA led research , indoor plants were shown to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins within 24 hours. Indoor plants have also been linked to improved productivity and reduced stress levels- making an even stronger case to invest in a houseplant or two. Yet, for those new to the gardening world, adding greenery to their home can feel daunting and confusing. If you are wishing you had a garden or longing to start a small scale gardening project but have no space outdoors, adding some indoor plants to your home could be the perfect answer.

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As far as interior decoration goes, plants stand in a category of their own. They can brighten up any interior in ways unavailable for other decorative pieces, and they are much easier to look after than what non-gardening people tend to think. Instead, get a couple of plants known for their reputation as surefire performers, the sort of plants that will flourish even if you neglect them most of the time. Here are our favorite easy care indoor plants — twelve sturdy, low-maintenance beauties. Its leaves are stiff, vertical and not unlike snakeskin in terms of their coloring, but on top of being pretty the Snake Plant is also tolerant of low light and requires to be watered only once or twice a month. It does well both in bright and low light and it also stores water, meaning that you will only need to water it once a month or even less often. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight, and yet as a succulent aloe vera needs little water — just give it a good soak every two or three weeks.

English manor-house intrigue, Parisian elegance and Australian colonial earthiness share the narrative in this gothic revival home. A cluster of potted palms in the conservatory elevate the light-filled space and add a tropical touch. An indoor umbrella plant in the living room complements the green tones in the kitchen.


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