Drunkard's dream plant care

Drunkard's dream plant care

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Drunkard's dream plant care

We want to see your #drunkarddrink! So head over to the Facebook event to enter. We’ll pick one lucky winner from all who enter. Winner will have their photo included in the Drunkard’s Dream Plant Project’s video and DVD. All other entries will be featured on the project’s Facebook page and will have their name listed on the DVD. And remember, if you have a favorite Instagram or Twitter user, tag them so we can share their shots with you.

For this project we wanted to show that success does not require mass production, the idea of a “Green Factory” has gained momentum in recent years. The 10,000 square foot factory dedicated to producing tequila and mezcal (locally distilled spirits) is operated by one man—Jose “Pepe” Miguel. There is no water wasting machines, fertilizers or pesticides used, all the plants are planted by hand. This environment creates a unique palette of flavors that are very complimentary and contrasting with the distilled spirits. (Maguire’s agave production is set up to this same ideal. See the video below for more information).

Sitting down with Pepe to have a conversation, we were shocked at how much we truly enjoyed his tequila, how the flavors changed with each bottle and how refreshing it was to sip it while just relaxing and watching the clouds move in the sky. Being conscious of the elements we use in order to preserve the environment, the process by which the plant grows and the conditions it is grown in, drives us to create a flavor that highlights the richness of agave’s intrinsic ingredients and complement them without overpowering. This is what we hope to bring to you with our video and how we hope to spread the word that knowing your ingredients goes a long way in creating a quality

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