Exotic yellow peonies: the best varieties in the photo

 Exotic yellow peonies: the best varieties in the photo

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Humanity has been breeding peonies for more than one millennium. Relatively recently, it was possible to bring out flowers in which the petals are painted in different shades of yellow. Such peonies look very unusual, combining external attractiveness with unpretentious care.

The best varieties of yellow peonies

Peonies with yellow petals are found in every cultivar group.

Herbaceous yellow peonies:

  • Golden Wheel. He is Huang Jin Lun, or the Golden Chariot. The bush does not "crumble". Flowers with a diameter of 15 cm, regular crown shape, petals will not fade in the sun. Leaves of an unusual lime color.

    The Golden Wheel peony has not only yellow flowers, but also buds and rhizomes

  • Gold Mine. Early and abundant flowering. The flowers are very lush, double, golden yellow, up to 16 cm in diameter.

    Peony Gold Mine is prized for its early onset and abundant flowering

  • Lemon Griffon. The bush is compact. Double flowers, large (18-22 cm), almost spherical. The petals are pale lemon.

    Peony Lemon Griffon adds decorativeness to the original shape of flowers

Video: what Gold Mine peonies look like

Tree peonies with yellow petals:

  • Jin Ge. Also found under the name "Gold placer". The flowers are large (up to 20 cm), delicate yellow, on each petal there is a peach or salmon border and a scattering of thin strokes of the same color.

    Jin Ge Peony - Achievement of Chinese Breeders

  • Yaos Yellow (Yao's Yellow). Shrub up to 2 m high, very hardy and unpretentious. Flowers with a diameter of 20-25 cm, a shade of butter, with brighter staminodes.

    Peony Yao's Yellow is a very powerful shrub, almost a full-fledged tree

  • High Noon. Flowers are sunny yellow, rare pink-shaped, up to 18 cm. The bush grows quickly, blooms profusely. New buds often open in August.

    Peony High Noon, if you create optimal conditions for it, blooms again towards the end of summer

  • Academician Sadovnichy. The flowers are semi-double, in the shape of a bowl, up to 15 cm. The bright yellow petals contrast effectively with the dark purple core and stamens.

    Academician Sadovnichy - the contribution of Russian breeders to the assortment of varieties of yellow peonies

  • Souvenir de Maxime Cornu. Terry flowers, up to 15–20 cm. A creamy pink border runs along the edge of the petal. The aroma is very pleasant, peonies do not fade for a long time after cutting.

    Souvenir De Maxime Cornu peonies work well for bouquets


  • Viking Full Moon. Lime peonies up to 15 cm in diameter. There is a dull red spot at the base of the petals. Very decorative foliage.

    Viking Full Moon peonies are not terry, but the decorativeness of the variety does not suffer from this.

  • Garden Treasure. Semi-double peony, each flower has 30-50 petals. The flowers are golden yellow, the core is dark scarlet.

    The Garden Treasure peony is one of the most popular varieties with yellow petals among gardeners.

  • Canary Brilliants. Terry flowers, up to 20 cm, slightly wavy petals, very thin and delicate. Coloring - overflows of different shades of yellow, peach core.

    Peonies Canary Brilliants have very delicate petals, as if silky to the touch.

  • Bartzella (Bartzella). Very large double flowers (25 cm), almost unique for peonies in the shade of a tea rose. There is a small dark scarlet spot at the base of the petal. It blooms for about three weeks, the aroma is unusual, as if citrus.

    Peony Bartzella adds exotic flavor unusual aroma

  • Yellow Crown (yellow crown). Terry flowers, up to 13 cm. Coloring - gradient. The outer petals are pale yellow, the inner ones are brighter. The core is orange-red.

    Yellow Crown - part of the very first series of Ito-hybrids, from which all peonies with yellow petals went

  • Border Charm. Dwarf bush up to 50 cm high and up to 120 cm in diameter. Very unpretentious, frost-resistant. The outer petals are pale yellow, the inner ones are reddish. The leaves are dense green, the lower ones have an unusual purple undertone.

    Peonies Border Charm due to their size can be used for border planting

  • Yellow Heaven. The flowers are semi-double, up to 17 cm. Bright lemon petals contrast with the red core. Shrub no more than 60 cm high, flowering medium late.

    The buds of the Yellow Heaven hybrid open when most of the other peonies have already faded.

  • Lemon Dream. The flowers are simple or semi-double, up to 15 cm. Coloring - all kinds of combinations of pale yellow and lilac. Each flower is unique in its own way.

    Lilac "blotches" on the flowers of the Lemon Dream peony are, in fact, the instability of varietal traits, but this "flaw" looks just amazing

  • Yellow Emperor. The flowers are semi-double or double, up to 17 cm. The petals are bright yellow, at the base there is a small scarlet spot.

    Peonies Yellow Emperor is a very pure, sunny yellow color

  • Sequestered Sunshine. Simple or semi-double peonies, up to 17 cm. The flowers are bright yellow, with a pinkish-orange base. Stamens have unusually large anthers, pale green pistils with dull red stigmas.

    Sequestered Sunshine peonies have both simple and semi-double flowers.

  • Singing In The Rain. Semi-double variety - "chameleon". Flowers up to 17 cm. Unopened buds are bright pink. Flowers change color from apricot to peach, then to pale orange and bright yellow. Butter-colored stamens, salad pistils.

    Singing In The Rain - a chameleon peony rare for Ito hybrids

  • Sonoma Apricot. Dwarf bush (up to 50 cm). The flowers are simple. The apricot shade of the petals gradually changes to pale yellow. The core is crimson.

    Peony Sonoma Apricot stands out for its small dimensions, there is a place for such a bush even in the smallest garden area

Video: description of the most popular yellow Ito-hybrid of peony Bartzella (Bartzella)

Yellow peonies look very unusual and impressive, immediately catching the eye. The varieties are presented in a fairly wide range, their only common drawback is their high price.

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Most flower growers prefer white peonies of different types and varieties. This flower is characterized by external splendor, sophistication of aroma, as well as the possibility of combination with other representatives of the flora. The disadvantage of a white peony is that when exposed to sunlight, the petals can fade, turn yellow and wither. The beauty of this flower is second only to a rose, but at the same time caring for the plant does not imply anything complicated.

The peony can reach a height of 30 to 150 cm. The bush of the herbaceous representative has large fluffy flowers, as well as lush green foliage.

The flower feels great on any type of soil and does not need special care measures. A white peony is usually planted in a light lace shade. This royal flower is able to decorate any garden, personal plot.

Peony comes in early, late and mid-blooming. The flower's aroma is strong, pleasant, but unobtrusive. White peony can have a lot of different shades. There are snow-white representatives, but more often those that have any shade, for example, ivory, cream, baked milk. In addition to the decorative value, this representative of the flora is used in medicine. It has found its application in bronchitis, tuberculosis, ailments of the liver and gallbladder, women's diseases.

Coral altar

Peonies varieties Coral altar (Shan Hu Tai) are notable not only for the unusual color of the petals (from pale pink to rich coral), but also for the bizarre shape of the leaves.

They do not require shelter for the winter, do not have special care requirements, and are resistant to diseases and pests.

Peony Koshinoyuki (Koshino-yuki) belongs to the Japanese tree peony cultivar group. This handsome man has won awards as the best white peony. The unopened buds of this peony, with their greenish tint, resemble white cabbage. As they open, the petals change color from ivory to snow-white.

Luxurious large flowers bloom surrounded by beautiful foliage of rich green color.

Variety Primavere (Primavere) for over 100 years. Despite the fact that it was bred in France, it belongs to the Japanese group of varieties.

Its delicate color fully justifies the name of the variety, which in translation from Italian means "spring". The petals of a pleasant canary shade in the center of the flower are surrounded by milky white at the edges. Doesn't it look very much like a reference spring flower - daffodil?

During flowering peonies Primavere emit a subtle, pleasant aroma. The flowers themselves are very large - about 20-25 cm in diameter.

Sweet varieties of yellow tomatoes

Honey saved

The plant is of an indeterminate type, the fruits ripen quickly in greenhouse conditions and a little later in an open area. At 110-115 days after the moment when the seeds sprouted, you can feast on the first fruits. In the garden, the bushes of this variety grow up to 1.2 m in length, in greenhouses - up to 1.7 m.

This variety of yellow tomatoes is maximally resistant to such a common disease among nightshade crops as fusarium. Heart-shaped yellow-honey fruits can be quite large - almost 1000 g.

Honey Spas tomatoes have a sweet taste, but with a barely noticeable sourness. One bush produces a harvest of fruits with a total weight of 4-5 kg. These yellow tomatoes are best for making fresh salads, juices, and snacks. The variety is not intended for conservation. Vegetables can be stored for a short time under certain conditions.

Caramel yellow

It belongs to the early maturing varieties capable of producing large yields. The plant is indeterminate, which grows up to 2 m in height. Up to 50 tomatoes are formed on massive clusters. From an area of ​​1 square meter, you can collect about 4 kg of ripe fruits.

Yellow caramel bears fruit throughout the season. The pulp of tomatoes is fleshy, of medium consistency, the taste is sweet. Fruits are small in size, weighing 30-40 g, which is very convenient for canning. They are also used for making salads, juices and for various preparations for the winter. Thanks to the strong skin of the fruit, they can be perfectly stored for a long time.


This unusual exotic tomato variety is endowed with a unique taste. In addition, it has a unique color: yellow with orange stripes along the length. The pulp inside the fruit with pink blotches.

Bushes of the indeterminate type of this culture grow up to 180 cm and require additional support. The fruits are round, slightly flattened with a ribbed surface and weigh up to 300 g. The taste is sweet, juicy.

Yellow target

Tomatoes of this variety are very pleasant to the taste: sweet with a peach aroma. The fruits are in the form of balls, the color is yellow. A characteristic feature of the variety is a pink spot located on the surface of the vegetable.

Yellow giant

Gardeners also call him the Yellow Giant. The tomato received this name because of its large size. The weight of a yellow vegetable can be up to 300 g. The variety is valued for its excellent taste. In addition, the plant bears fruit all summer long until the very cold. The plant is classified as an indeterminate plant and can grow over 1.8 m in height. It requires the obligatory garter and trimming of stepchildren.

Mid-season, after the first shoots appear in 110-122 days, you can harvest flat-round fruits. The yellow giant tomato variety is most suitable for cultivation in the regions of the middle zone of the country. Tomatoes are very sweet and have a special flavor. They do not crack during storage and transportation.


The yellow tomato variety lives up to its name. It is very similar in shape and color to a citrus fruit. In addition, the fruit has a wonderful taste. They are eaten fresh. Tomatoes are recommended for baby and diet food.

Herbaceous varieties

Herbaceous varieties are prized in horticulture for their ease of care and decorative features. Able to grow for more than 10 years without transplanting in one place. The flowering period varies for each variety: early, mid-late, late.

The best types and varieties of peonies, often used in landscape design:

  • Vitman
  • Thin-leaved
  • Milky-flowered
  • Maryin root
  • Drug.

The medicinal peony in its natural state grows in sunny meadows in southern and central Europe, the plant height is 60 centimeters. Its flowering begins in May and June, the plant blooms with red flowers ranging in size from 9-15 centimeters. White varieties of the medicinal peony are known. The most common varieties are those with dark pink, white or dark red flowers. Medicinal varieties can have semi-double flowers.

Attention! The medicinal peony produces large, black, poisonous fruits!

Some varieties of Paeonia officinalis bloom as early as May. This species is used for medicinal purposes.

Also interesting is the type of thin-leaved peony (paeonia tenuifolia), 30-50 centimeters high. The delicate flower blooms in early May. It usually has dark pink flowers and very characteristic leaves with threadlike patches that resemble fennel leaves.

Early varieties

The early varieties of peonies are especially appreciated, their flowering begins at the end of May. The most common varieties of such peonies with photos and names are presented in the table.


The variety is self-fertile, early ripening. The crown is round or oval, of medium density. Leaves are medium-sized, oval, green. The fruits are distinguished by a very juicy, tender and sweet pulp with a barely perceptible acidity. The stone is medium in size, easily separated from the pulp.

The trees are quite resistant to frost, so they feel good in central Russia, in Belarus and in the north of Ukraine. Plus, they rarely get sick with moniliosis and coccomycosis and are rarely attacked by pests.

But keep in mind that the winter hardiness of the buds of trees is average, therefore, in the spring, with recurrent frosts, they can freeze slightly.

Any of the varieties of cherries listed above, without a doubt, deserve to be planted in your garden. And since we chose the most common and popular among gardeners, a rich harvest of juicy yellow berries will not take too long. The choice is yours!

Watch the video: Coral Charm: A Lovely Herbaceous Peony


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